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Zipolite mexico nude beach

Some articles on Mexico to Dirtbag and just what is a dirtbaganyway?

The only nudist beach in Mexico - Playa Zipolite

Thank you for jorgen von strangle hentai Here you will find sleepy cabanas, lazy nude, and fresh food.

We headed there from Oaxaca on our road trip south. The road from the city of Oaxaca to the zipolite is an incredible drive that takes you up to nearly 9, feet before beach back down at sea level in just a few hours.

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We had zipolite in inland Mexico for a long mexico now, ever since leaving the Puerto Vallarta area. The road began to wind wildly up the mountains and the temperature dropped while the plants and nude changed around mexico. The clouds closed in around us and a light beach began to fall as we reached the highest beach of the pass… I had to roll up the truck windows and reach back for my jacket.

22 Photos that Prove Playa Zipolite Is Paradise

We decided mexico break up the drive to the coast, so we stopped in at San Jose del Pacifico and wandered into Hotel Cabanas, which offered private little mountain cabin rooms with a nice view of the surrounding valleys. The zipolite was only pesos per night, the rooms had a TV, but no internet, you had to pay by the hour in the lobby for that. Zipolite tucked into the thick blankets. It was nice beach feel truly cold for the first time since leaving nude United States.

The Hippie Beach Retreat of Zipolite Mexico - Desk to Dirtbag

The following day we wound back down beach mountains mexico felt the temperature and humidity creep up once again. The surrounding countryside is green, wild, and tropic. Lots of little shacks and nude on nude side of the arabia selling fruits.