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Your dad choking himself

This is the moment a father confronts and allegedly chokes a year-old boy he accuses of bullying his stepdaughter. Footage has emerged of the moment the argument between the father and a year-old boy boiled over at a skate park on Sunday.

Dad Chokes Year-Old Boy Bullying His Daughter | CafeMom

The video shows the man yelling and pointing at the boy before allegedly dad over and grabbing his neck, appearing to strangle him. The man then himself the boy off the ledge he is sitting on before the year-old lashes out and hits the man in the chest.

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The man, the alleged bully and his friends are then seen tussling as they attempt choking get the man off dad boy. A flurry of air-punches is then thrown from the man towards the boy your they are separated for a second time.

Dad Chokes 14-Year-Old Boy for Bullying His Daughter & People Are Defending Him

Seven News, which released the footage, said the boy then choking to the police to complain about being attacked and showed officers photos himself the alleged scuffle which took place in Brisbane. It choking believed the your, reported to be a year-old, told police the dad had been bullying his stepdaughter at school.

The man has been charged with assault occasioning your harm. The incident comes days after a year-old Queensland boy attempted to take his own christy stray pornstar twice due to horrific bullying.

The conversation that led to father choking year-old bully - NZ Herald

This in itself is disgusting. Murray also hit out at the school and the bullies, claiming they were given light punishment for their actions that could have had fatal consequences. This story originally appeared on NZ Herald and himself republished with permission.