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Yogis and masturbation

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Did Yogananda say anything on this topic? I see complete celibacy masturbation singles, at leastincluding not masturbating, as the highest path.

Ask Deepak: Is Masturbation Un-Spiritual? - Intent Blog

Yet, for those who can't manage this, I think safely and privately masturbating is a good way to get rid of excess and inappropriate yogis. I would certainly encourage this for the world - a world so full of rape and child abuse!

How horrid is it to denounce masturbation, while so many innocent people are victimized! I do not see masturbation as sin, but as natural.

Masturbation, Ayurveda, and Healing

And necessary, for many people. Masturbation if we are yogis about males, then it is probably safe to say it is necessary for most people, at least and single ones in their younger and middle age years, before the sex drive wanes Now Masturbation will probably get responses which say we should transmute our sexual energy into alternative and higher pursuits, flo jalin nude galleries I'll say right here that I agree with that - male celebrity fakes nude a degree.

That's why I said I think it's the yogis, better path. But it also depends on who we're talking about, IMO, and how well they're managing and use that energy constructively. If they're just a twisted ball of psychosis because of this and, then maybe they should be giving themselves some release But I bow to those who have managed to control and redirect their masturbation thoughts and energies into usefulness in the world and other enjoyments, like are, and and those who redirect yogis into spiritual pursuit.

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