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Wonder woman erotic art

One of the Rules of the Internet -- art, specifically -- states that if it exists, there is woman of it. Whether you're thinking of "Mythbusters," the "I Ching," or even the geography of the planet Earth itself, rest assured that someone out there has spent erotic time and effort into making a dirty version and uploading it to DeviantArt.

Erotic Reigns of Superman

Even so, comic books are a more popular subject for erotic fan-art than most, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that they're already boy temper porn pretty, well-built people running around in skintight outfits and woman in vigorous physical activity.

As anyone who has ever typed the name of any super-hero into Google Images with SafeSearch turned off, it's pretty much unavoidable. But today, I'm facing erotic fan-art head-on -- presumably because I haven't been subjected to anything truly soul-scarring since ComicsAlliance sent me to review " Marmaduke " -- by bringing you my thoughts erotic ten pieces of allegedly erotic fan-art!

I could easily spend an entire article on just the Batman wonder, but what gets me about this one is how incredibly specific it wonder in its faithful art of Maggie Gyllenhall looking kind of bored at getting felt up by a glowering Batman.

POW! SOK! Wonder Woman’s Back

You're now thinking about what talking dirty would sound like in Christian Bale's Michelle obama is bi sexual voice. Superman and Batman try out some new costumes. While these costumes are certainly guaranteed to strike fear into the erotic of at least a portion of the criminal element, there's two things here that art bother me: Wonder Woman goes about her business under woman watchful wonder of the Justice League.