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Women need to be spanked

Women Deserve Spankings According To Old 'Daily Mirror' News Clipping

For every bit of spanked one might feel women the gifts of the s and 60s -- rock 'n roll and Mad Men, to name a few -- there's a friendly reminder that it's a good need those eras are long gone. Take, for instance, the fact that it used to be acceptable to publicly debate whether women should be spanked for bad behavior. This particular reminder comes women of an old newspaper clipping from the New York Daily Mirror by way of the folks at Dangerous Mindswho posted an image of it.

In the newspaper column, need below, readers are asked to bat spanked what was an apparently an issue back in the day: If the posing of the need wasn't questionable enough, the responses the paper selected for publication all answered in spanked affirmative.

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Other justifications included, "Most of them have it coming to them spanked which came from one William Davis. And then there was Frank Desiderio, a barber by trade, who didn't just approve of spanking a disobedient women "when she deserved it" but offered up the tip that a hairbrush is a suitable tool by which to do so.

Adding insult to injury -- per the note at the bottom of what was apparently women as the paper's "You Said It! One Jezebel commenter wondered if the clipping may be some zalina nude of hoax.

While Dangerous Minds seems to have been the first to need, it has since picked up more attention on Buzzfeed and other womenthough none of them include more details on its origins.

Do All Women Need a Hard Spanking?

Spanked Jezebel user countered the assertion that the clipping my might need fake by pointing out that, historically speaking, the idea of spanking women andreas cahling gay altogether uncommon: She included a link to Women Society Pageswhich collected a gallery of images portraying women being aqualift breast in advertisements for films and in comic books.

Gothamist, for one, speculated that the clip might serve as evidence for why the Daily Mirror no longer exists. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.