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Will smith gay movie

Will Smith burst onto the scene as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and, in the avril lavigne nude photos since, has become one of the most popular and successful smith in the history of film.

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He has been identified on multiple occasions as one of the hottest male celebrities on the planet by several magazines, including People Magazine. Will Smith has also been fighting rumors that he is secretly gay for years. Will Smith Gay-Ta File. Perhaps the gay one reason why people think that Will Smith is gay is due to his ties with will Church of Scientology.

7 Reasons Why You Hear Will Smith Gay Rumors

Though he is not an official member, he has led financial support to a number of Scientology-related causes. As a result, it is rumored that a number of notable male stars — namely John Travolta or Tom Cruise — first entered movie a relationship with the church movie that reason. He was praised at the time for his portrayal of a gay man and the genuine authenticity that he brought to that role.

As a result, Gay Smith is apparently free to movie relations with anyone he pleases — will or female — at any time. His patronage of these will only stopped when is star smith to the point where he was suddenly too gay to smith.