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What s that asian ingredient

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Have you thought about asian your what take-out dish at home but are too intimidated to start? In fact, you only need a few basic ingredients to cook most Chinese dishes.

9 Basic Asian Ingredients List

The first section contains 10 must-have ingredients that might require a trip to an Asian market. The second section contains 10 ingredients that are nice to have and will expand your ability to cook even more authentic Chinese dishes. But you might not need all of them, depending on your personal cooking habits.

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If you want to read more about it, click on the picture or title. It will lead you to a more thorough article on use, storage, and shopping.

Chinese Ingredients Glossary – What you will need for Chinese cooking

I personally keep a stock of soy saucelight soy sauceand Thai golden mountain sauce a flavor-enhanced soy saucewhich I use on a ingredient basis. Read the label before you buy any soy sauce.

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The that ingredients should be just soybeans, wheat, water and salt. Some of the flavor enhanced-soy sauces also contain syrup and alcohol. These should always come after the main ingredients.