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What does cum smell like

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Sperm can have many different smells, from bleachy to fishy, which is determined by many different factors, including health, diet, and lifestyle choices. There are changes you can make to does your sperm smell better or less strong.

What Does Sperm Smell Like: Is It Normal To Have Strong Odor?

A man releases millions of sperm cells each time he ejaculates. Some people do not smell sperm, smell most of us do, and there are many different smells that can go with it.

The most common and normal smell of sperm is reported to be a bleach or chlorine smell.

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Sperm mature ammonia like other alkaloids that smell like some cleaning products, which isn't the most pleasant smell what it isn't the worst smell either. Luckily for some people, they are not able to smell sperm at all when it has a normal scent.

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Unfortunately, most orlando escorts bunny us do smell sperm. There is no way to change this as it is natural to smell, even the healthy sperm.

13 Women Describe What Their Boyfriend’s Semen Tastes Like

Sperm can have other smells that are much less pleasant though. If a man's sperm smells fishy or has another abnormal smell, that could be a symptom of an underlying problem. If the sperm is an odd color, such as yellow, red, green, or brown, that could be a sign of an infection in the male reproductive system or prostate cum.

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