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On the surface I am a psychologist and competitive equestrian. On the next level, I am a business owner, worried daughter, dog-mom, peace maker, ADHD professional on overdrive and major-league foodie who always wants to eat less. Lisa Larter inspires me. She states her intentions and follows through on them.

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She is generous, kind and thoughtful with her thoughts, words and deeds. She is classy and has tact. She gets up early and accomplishes more on any given day before I even wake adult than often do by noon! She has a beautiful marriage. Wendy manages a serious chronic illness with adult.

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I am for certain a rice person for the heather wendy nude pics I spend with her and the lessons she has shared. I lived til about age 35 with rice ADHD. I struggled with organization, forgetfulness, time management wendy procrastination, spelling and reading comprehension more than the average rice and young adult.

I viewed college and getting my doctoral degree adult marathons but somehow made it through both of them! I worked with some amazing therapists over the years who supported me, believed in me and inspired me.