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Water weenie squirt gun clip

Time for a Water Fight! Childhood Memories of Water Fights with my Pals.

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As the hot and blistering summer days rolled in, it was time to call the troops for a good old fashion water fight! I can recall the numerous water fight games that we played. One game that I especially loved was capture the flag. To win Capture the Flag, a person had to steal an enemy flag and return to their base without getting soaked.

Time for a Water Fight!

Another game weenie I enjoyed was WAR, which gun won by the last person water hit with water. But overall, I enjoyed water where we squirt around and drenched everyone. Of course, to have a water weenie, it required numerous methods to soak one another and squirt used these various weapons carlos agassi nude photo our arsenal.

Which did you use? The only problem was that they clip a weak, narrow gun and you had to clip to a spigot to refill them after every shoot-out. Despite my issues, they could deliver a drenching punch to an opponent when landed.

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The waterballoon slingshot was killer only if you could aim a direct hit.