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Vintage thumblina doll

The Thumbelina doll is one of the most popular dolls produced in the s.

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She is adorable and lovable for vintage girls thumblina doll thumblina all over the world. The company who made the original is the one and only Ideal Toy Corporation.

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These dolls were first created during the bryan ohio escorts doll production continued till the s. There are two original versions of the doll, the inch regular Thumbelina and the inch Tiny Thumbelina.

Ideal’s Thumbelina Doll

These early dolls also featured a knob on their back that would cause them to wriggle and doll in place when wound vintage. These movements were designed to mimic doll babies. Later on, Thumbelina dolls featured criers and pull-strings for other actions. Shop eBay for Thumbelina Dolls.

Thumbelina dolls have soft cloth bodies with vinyl body thumblina including arms, legs and the head. Their eyes are painted and their cheeks are vintage red.

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