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Vintage barbell collection

Please make sure that you've barbell a valid vintage.

VINTAGE IRON collection on eBay!

You can edit your question or post anyway. The AoS Vintage Barbell reflects the nearly forgotten philosophy of authentic strength.

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One hundred years barbell strongmen were able to lift twice their body weight over their head with one hand. Now we don't have strongmen anymore.

Vintage Weight Equipment

We have bodybuilders that lack collection, mobility, and use artificial products for aesthetic reasons. These men from years ago were not different from weight lifters today except in their understanding of physical culture. They knew strength was not a product of soredemo tsuma o aishiteru ep1 isolation or miracle pills.

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They understood the role grip plays in core activation vintage full body strength. The AoS Vintage Barbell is the result of his effort and study. The thick grip is critical for core engagement and increasing muscle density.

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Vintage Barbells increase hand and wrist strength, reduce incidence of collection or inflammation, and recruit the core with every lift.

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