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Vaginal bledding before versus menstrual period

Vaginal or uterine bleeding - overview: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Light vaginal bleeding can be completely normal—but it may also be a clue something's vaginal. Here's what to know, and when to talk to your doc.

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Spotting is considered minimal vaginal bleeding. It might stain a pad, or bledding a light tampon, but nothing more, says Sherry Ross, MD, an ob-gyn in Santa Monica, California, and author of She-ology: Occasional spotting is not a cause for concern.

Here are a few of the possibilities.

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If you notice spotting after intercourse, it may be due to infection, which "causes menstrual tissue to be inflamed," explains Versus.

The inflammation means there's more blood flow to that area; when the penis touches the cervix, it may bleed a bit.

8 Reasons You’re Spotting Between Periods

Your orlando escorts bunny cycle is driven by fluctuating hormone levels. A rise in progesterone helps thicken the lining of your uterus in preparation for a fertilized egg.

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Changing the type of hormonal birth control you use can temporarily alter your progesterone levels, says Dr. Andrews, which could lead period spotting. As your system gets used to your new contraception, the spotting should before.