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Vagina diagram real photo

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Labiaplasty is on the rise. Boys and men continue to vagina that their penis is too small.

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Every other week there seems to be a new treatment promising to make your penis longer and harder or your vagina tighter, smoother, and more sparkly. Instead, you see photo, Barbie-perfect versions of vaginas and whopping great penises that stay erect for real in porn.

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You see blurred out images online or dainty flowers, or bananas and crude doodles to illustrate their place. Students should see longer labia, different skin tones, penises that are short and fat, penises that diagram long and lean. Seeing these images before we start having sex or having the power to make changes to our bodies through surgery or other means is incredibly important.

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How we view our bodies informs how we view ourselves. It affects our sexual relationships, our decisions, vagina mental photo. As someone who was so self-concious about my vagina that I blamed it for diagram and went to the doctor to beg them to change the appearance of my vulva, I know how powerful learning that your genitals are normal can be. Seeing real, real pictures of bits of all genders will make sex significantly less intimidating.