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Uncensored version of youtube

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Filter posts fortnite scam ads reset. Censorship Free YouTube alternatives self. I wanna site youtube allows hate speech, porn, incitement to violence, terrorism, slander, libel, and is otherwise completely free - anarchist youtube. Basically its a decentralized peer to peer hosting system. Its a protocol where users pay cryptocurrency into the blockchain to host videos, and miners generate the currency by hosting videos.

6 Awesome YouTube Alternatives

Tokenization is becoming standard to incentive decentralized markets and is being used in many new technologies.

Examples include nearly all modern uncensored contracts, ICOs, and even new applications like solar energy and infrastructure management software.

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The result is that videos are hosted anonymously, in a decentralized fashion, and can't be ever removed or deleted after they are uploaded - essentially the darknet version of YouTube.

Its new technology, and I don't think version a subreddit for it yet. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.