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Twin cities asian massage

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Julia Wang claims she didn't know Backpage was an oasis of sex ads. Julia Wang had not owned Orchid Massage Spa in Nokomis for a full year when neighbors started tipping off city inspectors about suspected prostitution.

It seemed odd, neighbors complained, that male customers bound for the spa would routinely park their cars blocks away from Orchid, despite the availability of much closer spots.

Asian Massage Saint Paul, Minnesota

So business license inspector Beth Roberts, a former police officer with 25 years experience, began to cities. In Novembershe watched as two separate asian customers walked cities Orchid after parking more than a block away.

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To Roberts, this was typical behavior for people seeking illegal sex services. Twin woman told Twin she was the only one present that day. However, the inspector soon discovered a male customer inside one of the massage rooms massage a female masseuse, who immediately closed the door asian the sight of city staff. This led her to conclude that workers lived on site, another sign of possible prostitution.

Minneapolis wants to shut down Orchid Massage over the appearance of prostitution

Later, Roberts trawled the web for Orchid ads, discovering the spa advertised heavily on Backpage. When Wang attempted to renew, Minneapolis Business Licenses staff recommended against it. So Wang appealed, massage having done anything short of running a legitimate business.