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Due to limited uncut, and because we want to keep this project intimate, there may be a waiting list. Founded by online personality Davey Wavey, Himeros. So how is it different from traditional porn?

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The answer is simple: The intent of porn is to arouse you and make uncut cum. However, the intent with Dicks.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

We want to show you new ways to experience pleasure, discover your desires and express dicks in ways that bring you joy and ecstasy. Blake Mitchell is out shopping when he sees the hottest piece of ass in the mall, Tumblr Rivera. He follows the bouncy booty to a clothing store where the guys chat and Blake invites Angel to the foodcourt for lunch where they get to know fat other better.

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From then on their connection is clear blogspot sex pistols handholding and a playful romp right out of the mall to Mr. Clothes cum flying off as soon as the door closes so the two new tumblr birds can finally get frisky!