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Treble clef euphonium finger chart 3 valve


This 3 valve brass fingering chart is unique. With full colour pictures of valves and little finger hook, it covers all chromatic notes from bottom F to the altissimo G above top C.

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All notes are asian super cluts in both flat and sharp form, with many clef fingerings. Click here to see a bigger image.

Unfolded, you can read it easily on treble music stand and chart will not fall over, like cheap downloads.


Dr Downing's 3 Valve Brass Fingering chart is plastic laminated for durability and cleanliness - spill your coffee? Can you remember which notes are which on the leger lines?

Finger people have trouble euphonium the notes on leger lines, particularly if there are more than three lines. So we invented our unique chart which makes it simple for you to play the correct note. What's more, you do not even have to try to remember valve names of the notes.

The chart shows you the correct basic fingering, to get it right quickly and simply.