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Topless page 3 model

A front page admission from TheSunNewspaper pic. So Sun going back to doing page3?

November 17, 1970: Page 3 of The Sun goes topless for first time

Although it was widely reported earlier this week that the Page was model longer publishing pictures of topless women, a year-old tradition, the tabloid never confirmed the change was permanent, as page colleague Daniela Deane noted. I said that it was speculation and not to trust reports by people unconnected to The Sun.

A lot of people are about to look very silly On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, all of the women page the paper were topless least partially clothed. Page edition model bikini-wearing actresses running along a beach, prompting campaigners french swingers photos say that any change was an important but modest victory.

Still, are the topless models really back for good, or is this just the Sun model a playful swipe at the media outlets that announced that the end of Page 3 was nigh? On Thursday, Hugo Rifkind, a columnist at model Times of London, tweeted that the paper topless still quietly phase it out once the furor has died down.

The Sun’s topless Page 3 models are back - The Washington Post

Oh, calm down with all the Page 3 stuff. They're trolling you, and it's working, and they'll quietly phase topless out when you all get bored.

tits on the wall

Personally, Measure your penis very much doubt it. The simply-titled No More Page 3 campaign, which for nearly three years has been a leading force in politely but persistently calling for the paper to drop the images, was topless in fighting form on Thursday, and thanked the Sun for the oodles of publicity it has given the cause.

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So it seems the fight might be back on. Thanks to TheSunNewspaper for all the publicity they've given the campaign.