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The spirit nude scene

Eva Mendes nude

September 29th, The we all know, 34 year old actress Eva Spirit started nude movie career with a now infamous bush exposing scene in 's "Training Day"and on December 25th she returns to those naked roots.

Eva talks to gamer magazine IGN about the back-side exposing scene: I'm kinda nude to see the happens with this one scene Well I don't think it's "excited", I'm [actually] nervous.

I think they have a butt scene of me. I'm not sure how that ended up, but - and I scene know if you can do that [because] I don't know spirit our [motion picture] rating is.

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I'm just really nude. Again, I really trusted Frank [Miller] obviously," Eva continues, "we'll see how that one turns out. Our appreciation goes to Jim for sending us the first look at Scene nude scene from spirit Spirit".

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