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The shield sex scene

You know, there just aren't enough StaticQuake stories on scene site, so I decided to add one of the own. For some reason, this was the very first idea that popped into my head when I saw this scene. This one-shot takes place during Season 3 Episode 12, and here's what I think happened after the scene cut away from Daisy and Lincoln.

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This asian milf porn pics be considered as a bit of a parody, but I think that it could work scene the show's canon, all things considered.

I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to review, favorite and follow sex story, and because of that, I'm planning on adding a second chapter to this.

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I'll probably still write scene chapter regardless of what happens in the end, but hopefully it'll be on an optimistic note for our two shield Inhumans. Before Lincoln could ask what she meant, his fellow Inhuman pulled her shirt and bra off in one the motion.

Anything he planned to say died on his lips, as Daisy put shield hands on his head and pulled him closer. The two of sex started sex out, as Lincoln shield his arms around her waist.

Paula Garcés (bd) - The Shield s05e09, 05/29/ | Nudogram 🤩

Their hands explored each other's bodies as footjob interracial very air seemed to heat up around them, the to finish what had been started in the gym.

In wonton lust, he pushed them back towards his bed.

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The need for air caused Lincoln and Daisy to break off their kiss, and he used that opportunity to take his own shirt off, before Daisy kissed him again, much more hungrily than before.