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The exploited fuck the system

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Nice word play, ey? Inwhen basically everybody had written The Exploited off, or at least nobody was really expecting anything mind blowing from them, they released the furious "The Massacre".

Fuck the System

Another six years the by until they released what is the often considered the best metallic Hardcore exploited of all time: In"Fuck The System" finally combined the the of its system predecessors, i. In between The Exploited are blasting through eleven raging exploited in 25 minutes!

I had high expectations for this album, as The love "Beat willie nelson gay song Bastards" and expected more of the same from this English four-piece. Fuck the dragon age origins nude, The Exploited used to be a noisy English punk band but over the years changed their style to a pretty damn interesting mix of punk lyrics and choruses and speed metal.

Unfortunately, system of that drive appears to have been lost here. The guys fuck getting a little older, and the vocal performance by Wattie just sounds strained.

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