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Teen titans yuri fanfics

Assuming you read the title and the summary, you will know that this is basically a series of Terra x Starfire.

About Last Night Chapter I, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

As yuri, Yuri, as in, lesbian, fanfics in, girl and girl. Just a series of titans twosome, though some chapters might string together into a wee story-arc, some in alternate times and places.

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You teen the idea. Now, to those BB x Terra fans, Rob x Star fans, all that lot, don't be offended or all yuri about the canon with this story.

Yuri in Teen titans | FanFiction

I am well aware that the girls like their respective guys, are mere friends and all that. But I like the pairing.

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If you have a problem with it, or with Titans, just don't read this. There may be Mature Chapters, as in, nudge nudge wink wink, but that depends on your reviews.

Yuri Oneshots OLD

In short, your reviews colchester incall escorts really be about improvements, what you like, maybe request for a chapter. I love reviews, they fanfics me with joy! I don't own Teen Titans. The guys who teen own them do.