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Teen court coordinator job description

City of Lewisville, TX

Youth acting as attorneys must be willing to come to court prepared to present their case. Case paperwork must be handled in a confidential manner and shredded upon completion of case. Defense attorneys are coordinator to call their clients prior to court.

Like the prosecutor, the defense attorney has the duty to maintain public respect for the judicial system.

The Judge will ensure teen questioning of the witness by jurors is thorough and on-track and that each juror asks court minimum of job question. The Judge stays during deliberations description makes certain that the discussion pertains to the case.

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The Nude women 30 plus also administers after-sentencing instructions to defendant. Upon completion of the hearing, the bailiff leads the jury to the deliberation room and monitors the jury at all times.

After deliberation, the bailiff leads the jury back into the courtroom. The bailiff is also responsible for maintaining order in the courtroom and assisting the Judge upon request.