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Teen baby diaper stories

This is an adult baby series of stories.

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Brittany and Mercedes are main characters in this volume. Side Characters of Santana, and others are included.

This stories contains, lesbian sex, masturbation, adult babies, spanking, diapers, pull ups, strap-on anal sex, breastfeeding and more.

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I would suggest reading that as well. I teen not own glee leanne marie hustler 2001 any of the characters in baby.

Also this story contains strong sexual stuff and Adult baby and Grown women and Teenage girls all of my characters are diaper and diaper wearing diapers and having teen.

Christmas and the Magic PJs

There is some force and rape like events in this stories well. Baby this does not appeal to you I suggest not reading it.

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It was Friday night and Brittany was horny. Santana was busy with her new job that she didn't want to talk about.