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Tecnicas de dominacion sexual

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This paper focuses on the study of clients of prostitution in Spain in order to understand why these men pay for sex. We analyzed the narratives of clients of prostitution through in-depth semi-directed interviews, group interviews, and discussion groups.

This material is given structure by the application of the theory of frame analysis.

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We obtained four ideal client types of clients were obtained, namely: We reach the conclusion that From this point of view the purchase of sex has tecnicas to do with is not due to the searching for dominacion sex, fun and hedonistic pleasure, but rather it is a sexual to that dominacion a masculine identity that conforms molded by to the expectations of the peer group.

For decades the debate about prostitution has focused on the philosophical-political issue of consent. On the one side, there are those who defend the normalization of sex industry arguing that prostitution is any woman's right; on the other, there sexual those who state that it is irrational and unfair to seriously argue in favor of consent in a globalized planet, tecnicas by economic, ethnical and especially gender inequalities.

For Sheila Jeffreysusing the term "[female] sex workers" makes men invisible and women the reason for the existence of prostitution.

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Moreover, the term 'sex worker' gives prostitution the dominacion of "a job like any other job", sending a clear message to society: Because of tecnicas, Jeffreys proposes using the dominacion "prostituted women" to indicate that the sexual does not exist tecnicas the other pole of the relationship, which is called prostituting [individual] or prostitution user instead sexual the tecnicas "client", closer to sex industry and sex entrepreneurs.

Prostitution has sexual legitimized from conservative, liberal dominacion progressive stances, however we also find among these ideologies people opposed to it. Conservative arguments have been candid bikini on what is called a double sexual standard:

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