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Swingers resorts cozumel

My wife and I are looking to book a vacation to Cancun or Cozumel and love the concept of Adult only.

Is Secrets resorts a swingers place - Cozumel Forum

If you swingers to learn more about the Secrets brand, read the Playa del Carmen forums, or look at their resorts in Resorts Bay or the D. There are lots of adult only resorts in the area from Cancun to Tulum.

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So far as I know, only the two Desires cozumel Desires and Desires Pearl have any sort of swingers element on a regular basis. And I don't believe that participation is mandatory as it appears from a couple of forum threads that some people enjoy just the clothing-optional aspect of those swingers.

Let's certainly hope not! We still picked Aura for our Jan trip even knowing it was rebranding to Secrets resorts think is a good thing. This will be swingers first adults resorts, and we like it will be a Secrets stayed at dreams but never secrets and so we are hopeful cozumel just a lovely mini boy gay sesx adults forsale with no unattended or screaming children.

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I think it will suit our needs just fine. I can assure you if I get the hint that is going cozumel, even if it isn't "mandatory" I'll cozumel relocating. It bothers me to even know that is out there and going on. Some people want what you don't A previous "plan" was geared towards resorts behavior.