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On March 31 st, an independent film made by a black man for the black community opened at the Grand Circus Theatre in Detroit and broke the house record.

"...could have given up on her passion, when those around discouraged, mocked and exploited her."

Two days later, it broke another record in Atlanta and became the top-grossing independent film of the year according to some sources. It sparked a wave of underground filmmaking that lasted at least a decade and became an incredibly polarizing statement of experience.

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To be fair, this was not the first all-black production to hit the silver screen. Comprised of black crews and casts, they delivered entertainment to a specific audience who would relate to the stories. Many of these films are tragically lost to time or have yet to be properly reissued, but one is widely available on sweet number of fifty or one-hundred public domain movie collections.

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Sporting several musical numbers and a strange sense of framing the image, bad and its contemporaries paved the way for a lesbian bars in melbourne filmmaker named Melvin Van Peebles. The film garnered enough attention to get him a studio deal. When it came time to make Sweetbackhowever, he decided to make it on his own with no ssong or financiers telling him what to do.

It was ass story he wanted to tell and sweet resonated.