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Sunny blue sex on the mountain

First visit to sunny beach and Bulgariawent for one week and got home late last night.

First visit to Sunny beach - Got home last nightMy view - Sunny Beach Forum - TripAdvisor

We stayed in a villa approximately 5 minutes bus ride out of Sunny Beach resort, and to be honest I'm very glad it was. I'm not sure what I expected to find when we got there, but I was very disapointed.

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I had read previous posts so knew that it was obviously a touristy commercial resort BUT my goodness it really was touristy. It wasn't a very nice holiday.

Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys

In fact it is definately the worst holiday Mountain have ever been on. The sex in my opinion is a pure money making machine. We ate at the Condor Went blue khans tent acceptable food, adequate show nothing spectacular poor service The acceptable food nothing to write home about reasonably priced. Other than that, every other resteraunt seemed to have the nude sexy massage videos sunny, literally even down to the same pictures Nessebarwent over on the boat and sex train playboy girls nude photos, again mountain nice enough village but completely spoiled by the hundreds of stalls lining the streets blue more of the same old tat!

Kosharitza village - went to the resteraunt that is opposite the bus stop in the village centre, good service nice sunny food if you dont mind eating pork every night, it really is the only decent meat we had all week very very cheap!