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Starting up a lingerie business

My day job revolves around intimates and in the last few years the industry has seen a boom, lingerie classic brands experimenting with new technology and new, independent lingerie designers and boutiques popping up.

Here are my tips for emerging young designers:.

How to Start a Lingerie Business

One of the perks of this role is business I get to travel and see how global influences impact the lingerie market.

In the US, I notice the tradeshows there focus on comfort and basics, with brands creating soft, comfortable underwear in line business the loungewear trend.

Key lingerie bloggers also are on Instagram- and the fan response lingerie get from different items is a great way to see consumer feedback. Check out for Lingerie Addict as a starting point.

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Look at what the latest strap detail is. Is the bra nude in dressing room with wire?

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Is it a plunge shape or balconette? What materials are popular now from lace to mesh, jacquard etc. A great place to start is the Interfiliere lingerie tradeshow in January.

How Much Would it Cost to Start a Lingerie Business?

Starting about how you will be making and shipping your product? Figuring out these logistics early on will really help you.

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So think about the overall picture, starting up for your Instagram name early and start posting ahead of the launch to drive interest and create a brand identity in a social space.