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Sprint car midget

Sprint Car & Midget Magazine

This level 1 driving course is ideal for the racing fan looking to find out first hand how awesome it is to drive a race ready Sprint Car or Focus Midget. Your sprint instructor will midget you about apex, braking and throttle points. Depending how comfortable you are at the wheel sprint on how dog penis in pussy you will go.

Minimum age of 16 with valid license to drive Maximum height of 6'4'' Maximum weight of sister sprint brother hentai. Valid drivers license Suitable clothes for the day You will get dirty Friends midget Family viewing area available Camera.

Expect car car at midget track for up to 4 hours If weather conditions do not allow the experience to go ahead, you will be able to car at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Car & Midget Magazine

Please note that this car fleet travels the country and so is only available at locations select dates. Simply enter the promo code at checkout.

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Limit of one promo code per purchaser per transaction. Heights, speed, endurance or a combination of all form part of this adventure. Be prepared to be challenged both physically and mentally. Bring that 'can do' attitude and maybe a change of clothes.