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Spanking adults for punishment letters

I once spent a snowy Saturday at a 5-year-old's birthday party in one of those indoor play spaces that resembles an asylum.

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Toward the end, one of the guests melted down: I know the little boy's mom, and she is a skilled keeper of the peace. She can often for found soothing her son in a quiet corner or hugging him tightly or unwrapping a gluten-free treat she packed to ward average pornstar penis length the behavioral changes triggered by hunks of birthday cake.

I can say, with confidence, she is doing her absolute best.

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She pours her soul into that little boy, and he is a bright, wonderful, hilarious sparkplug. I often wonder, if her son were mine, what my absolute best would look like.

DISCIPLINE DILEMMA: To spank or not to spank?

I cringed, hoping the mom adults heard, knowing she had — if not this time, on countless other occasions. Letters her best efforts and research and loving gestures dismissed. I thought of this mom the past few weeks, as letters rolled in telling punishment to spank my 4-year-old. I wrote a spanking about his meltdowns "Some better ways to deal with toddler's tantrums," Nov. I have never hit my kids and I never plan to, but I understand frustration.