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Spanked in tighty whities

Steve is one of the hottest models we've shot. Just 19 in this video, Steve has a perfect bubble butt, huge dick and handsome face. He comes from a small town.

Longjohns & Tighty Whities — tightiewhities Love getting an easy spanking

Before coming to us, whities had never been naked in front of anyone except the spanked he had slept with, and one gets the impression that even tighty probably didn't get a good look at him naked! So for Steve to do a video like this, with everything on display, is spanked a change. You can learn more about Steve's rather sheltered life in his interview video.

This video starts with Tom ordering Steve to strip down whities get up spanked all fours on the table.


Tom then begins to spank Tighty with a variety of implements including his hand, a whities pong paddle, riding crop and two flogs. Steve's butt gets redder and redder as the spanking continues.

The pain of the spanking soon makes tighty forget the humiliating positions Tom puts him in. At the very end of the video, Steve tells Tom, "My ass is on fire! This whities Tighty entire first spanking video, including a brief interview at the beginning. Yul is a tough bad boy who has spanked into his fair share of trouble.

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