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Spanked in front of

Spanked in front her friends

It sounds like I would get along very well with your father. That being said, you need to stand up spanked give yourself 6 very front spanks on your bare bottom in the sorest spot for me. Also 6 very hard hand spanks in the same spot for your Daddy. Might need a little humiliation to remind him whose in charge himself.

Spanked in front of her laughing friend

Itchy next day, but not marked like for a wooden implement. More faint dusky rose next day, Lilly white day after. But the memory lingers The phrase "my first public spanking" is an interesting one.

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Surely you wouldn't dare repeat this in a public place! In front of free milf stud tubes But need to plot an anonymous spanking outing for david next!

Strict Julie Spanks!: Julie Spanked in Front of Family For Real!!!

Ms Julie - Oh? Do tell, please - at least a little! I don't know yet, still plotting. Maybe take him shopping for a sexy teddy at a lingerie shop.