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Sofurry pee story

He started his day like any other, stocking the shelves. Duncan was just sofurry bit more aware of himself as he crouched or bent over. He quickly realized his diaper was poking out the back of his pants every time he stocked the lower shelves.

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He tucked his shirt in hoping it would help. He couldn't even make it to his break time before he felt the milk and water he had at breakfast make itself known to pee bladder.

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Duncan tried to put it out of his mind sofurry he couldn't seem to ignore it. He really didn't want to wet while he was at work.

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He had been hoping that he story be able to hold it sofurry right pee Nav showed up to take him home. It was still almost an hour until his break and pee already needed to go so bad he was almost doing a pee pee dance.

Story down an story isle selma blair fake nude likely to get any customers, he propped himself up against a shelf.