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Singapore bikini girls pictures

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We are in love with her flawless porcelain skin. What we love about her: Erica Loh Best singapore Her V-shaped face that makes her look photogenic at every angle.

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Erica rose to fame through bikini Instagram account with her aesthetically-pleasing shots. Juli Bunbun Best feature: Her eyebrows — they are always so well-defined! You may remember Juli from her facial sagaand what we truly admire about her is her resilience in the face of extremely unpleasant events.

20 stylish Singaporean Instagram babes we have a girl-crush on

Uli Chan Best feature: Guan Min Best feature: Min rose to fame through her Instagram page, where you get to admire all girls beautiful outfits. Masturah Khalid Best feature: Pictures personally love her moon-shaped face. This girl basically oozes taste.