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What will this mesh do in the game: It shows up when your female go to the shower or bath or using sex objects. Problem is maxis use only one nude mesh.


That means that you can use only one default mesh. All defaults will replace the same maxis mesh and that gives conflics make your choose: The original meshes can you nude on: Details such as nipples and a simple labia have been added by Warlokk, as well as a general smoothing of the curves around the breasts and buttocks female I created new skins default for these meshes sims skin on the pictures is the mediumskin Nude fun: X That's a comparison between my Hi-Res Default replacement, and this one.

This mesh will replace my hi-res default with a larger version. Note that this will also affect any sim using the 34Bdef or 34 Hips, since those are the default sizes in my series. You know you can use the Female skintones for your sim, and they will keep the shape assigned to that skintone, right?

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Any skintone created for the BodyShape series is linked to the custom meshes, naked kaname chidori they retain their shape. That's why I won't nude defaults, the custom skintones do sims job perfectly and allow all sims sizes instead of just one.

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Female you make these as non-defaults?