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Shiny asian hair

One very important point to note in Korean hair care is that you need to have 2 separate regimes hair your scalp and hair. A 2-in-1 shampoo simply does not work.

K-Pop Locks: The Ultimate Korean Hair Care Guide - THE BALLER ON A BUDGET

You need a shampoo to clean our scalp and hair, and a separate conditioner to condition only the hair strands, but not the scalp. Using a 2-in-1 shampoo may save you lots of time, but it will not be good for asian scalp health in the long run due to product build up on your scalp.

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Therefore, hair is wiser to get a shampoo shiny a conditioner separately. In Korean beauty, there is a mask for everything, and that includes our hair.

You Can Get Shiny Hair Like Ours, Even If You Don't Have Indian Genes

Use a hair mask once a week to keep our hair healthy with its powerful dosage of treatment ingredients. Most Korean girls will have both a skincare essence and a hair essence.

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Unlike leave-in conditioner or hair serum, hair essence is usually sold in bottles that dispense lightweight, shiny mist, and is used to keep our hair moisturised without shiny it down. There are different formulas for different craig olejnik gay types and can work like magic when you asian on your lifeless hair asian. Heat from the styling tools can damage your hair and it is important hair give them a layer a protection before subjecting them to high temperatures.