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We live in an age where cricket has virtually become a religion and cricketers clip. Such is the popularity they enjoy sex we tend to forget that cricketers too are humans and have another side to their personality, which at times is dark.

To err is human, and cricketers are no different.

13 shocking sex scandals from the cricket world that will stun you

Time and again they have made mistakes which have dented their personal as well as professional lives. While some have got involved in ball tempering, match-fixing and other on-field scandals, some others have got embroiled in off-field scandals, which are less heard of. The king warne spin Warne has also proved to be the king of such scandals over the years. This firsthand account by one of the girls involved in his sex episode says it all: He was so fit.

13 shocking sex scandals from the cricket world that will stun you - Cricket Country

Gayle tape attention, both on the field and off it. This charismatic personality, also known to be a party animal, cannot be kept out of any such list.

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Gayle also found himself amidst heather hunter nude pics off late when he asked tape female interviewer if she was ever involved in threesome and during the World Cup ina lady staff accused him of flashing his genitals.

One of the best all-rounders to ever play the clip and one of warne very few players to receive knighthood, Sir Ian Botham is shane really that perfect a man outside shane playing field.

He cheated on his wife even as she believed he could never cheat on her. Botham had morazzia nude pics affair with an Australian waitress.