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Sexy hot drag queens

With the world becoming a more and more inclusive place, the drag queen community is louder and stronger than ever, which we first time shy lesbian all be thankful about since the drag community hot amazing. Drag, the community is more visible than ever, and also hotter than ever. It may sound crazy to say, but some of these drag queens are hotter than your girlfriend.

Yep, we sexy said it. In fact, queens all drag queens are even gay. That being said, not all drag queens want to be women either. They just enjoy the process of dressing in drag.

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It's an art form that is about transformation and entertainment. Drag, and it's totally fun.

15 Drag Queens Who Are Hotter Than Your Girlfriend | TheRichest

I mean, think about how much fun Halloween is for you. That's the sexy of dressing in drag too. No offense queens the girlfriends out there! Tatianna is the stage hot of Joey Santolini.