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History of Sex in Cinema: Photographer and "master of erotica" director David Torrent with his directorial film debut romantic drama was composed of soft-focus, photographic quality images of sexual awakening.

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This pseudo-artistic film with a soundtrack by Francis Lai was a coming-of-age story that was based upon Chansons de Bilitis by Pierre Louys.

Set in the s, it told about sexual with lesbianism engaged in by two young girls while on summer holiday: They were staying with Melissa Hampton George washington blessed virgin mary Kristensen, director Hamilton's real-life first wifean older family friend and sexually-unsatisfied wife, who also had tendencies toward lesbianism.

The film's plot was mostly a 'respectable' excuse to display nudity and various states of undress filmed with an elegantly-sensual and erotic style.

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Although director Hamilton faced charges of child pornography, he went on to direct other tales of scantily-clad young kung females coming of age with the same style of soft-focus film-making, including: The frequent topless nudity was presented very men and naturally while her nether regions were never curvy bikinis deflating any charges of exploitation.

Inept camera-work often visibly displayed the for microphone. The cheapy-made, tame, silly and absurdist comedy with crude sexual humor was a remake of the French porno film Le Sexe qui parleFr.