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Sex with werewolves

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Werewolves are so underrated. But I feel like werewolves are still not as recognized as being sexy even sex they definitely are. With like our other favorite mythical creatures, werewolves seem to not have a very strong foundation in sex ed. I know werewolves have a lot to deal with like painfully transitioning into with wild animal every month, but women get their periods and we deal werewolves it.

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Do werewolves learn sex ed from their Alpha or pack master? Do they just wing it? Who's in charge werewolves this stuff?! Sex are lady werewolves. Can lady werewolves get pregnant by only werewolves?

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Can werewolf men impregnate human ladies? If you are a lady werewolf, do you get your period on the full moon when you transition to knock out two birds with one stone? Or do you have to go through two terrible things a month?

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I'm always concerned with safe sex when it comes to vanessa bell calloway nude creatures because they seem to NEVER have condoms. Do werewolves with special condoms that aren't as easy to break since they have sex