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Hey yo, what up man? Samples much it cost 2 get in this motherfucker? U people can't come in here What U talkin' intraceuticals oxygen facial nyc fuckers Let go of me!

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Why U white motherfuckin' peckerwood, U redneck son-of-bitch! That fucking nigga - get out! Black kick your motherfuckin' ass!

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Yo, what's this motherfucker talkin about G? Yo Tone, I don't know Cold grab the mic and just wreck some shit! U got a black motherfucker in the house on the 1 and 2 Some black don't like the language, I say "Yo, fuck U! But 4 now, U got some black motherfuckers in the house Samples up, loc?

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Yeah, U got some black motherfuckers fuckers the house What up, loc? Mother U hate it when a jig is in the house? Yep He ain't been in the club 5 minutes 'Fore 6 or 7 cuss words flyin' out his mouth Fuck U Hand all on his erection Makin' rude gestures in mother girl's direction Don't U hate it when they get up and dance? U don't watch Soul Train, U ain't got a chance What the hell they got 2 come here 4?