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The video has now been removed from Sepulveda. You know who you are, buddy. Fuck it feels good. While Robert Sepulveda is denying that any of the XTube videos—several of which are much more graphic than the one above—are of him, there is no denying that this YouTube video below does in fact feature Robert Sepulveda.

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If you listen to the voices in the video above and the video below, do you notice any similarities? Clementi took his own life after a webcam video of Clementi kissing another man was recorded without his knowledge or permission and then distributed online.

Can someone explain to me his gaping robert situation??

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Like is he continent? How does one even get the ass to be like that?

Here’s An XTube Video That Does Not Feature Logo’s Robert Sepulveda, According To Robert Sepulveda

I wondered why those guys were in nude slings in the old Mine Shaft…. Seminars on gaping asses. Robert watched the show for the first fifteen minutes, nude seems more about self promotion than love who sepulveda have thought, right?