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Sealy reflexion Latex Foam Mattress Thread starter Tortfeasor Start date Feb 18, 9. Status Not open for further replies. Tortfeasor Show her big tits Feb 18, I am in the market for a latex King size mattress since my Stearns and Foster has recently gone to hell.

Sealy reflexion Latex Foam Mattress... Opinions?

I was just going to pick reflexion something similar but went to a few bedding yes, bedding message boards and everyone was raving about latex not memory foam mattresses.

Anyone have any experience with any of these Sealy Reflexion mattresses? Link to product latex. Christoff Yurievich Member Feb 19, I'm also looking at getting a new mattress and I'm not sure if this or Tempur-pedic is better.

Vlad Member Feb 19, While I don't know anything about the latex ones, Foam can offer some second-hand opinions about the Tempur-pedics My parents and my grandparents reflexion my mother's side both recently got latex Tempur-pedic mattress, foam they've really been raving about it.