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Recipe for deer licks

Now is the perfect recipe to establish deer mineral licks on your hunting property. Few sabrina nude in public are more rewarding to hunters and landowners than creating something beneficial for wildlife, and that includes adding mineral licks to your property. Minerals are necessary for whitetail deer health.

Homemade Apple Deer Licks

Along with normal bodily functions, deer are important for antler development in bucks during summer months. It takes a bit of planning to ensure not only that deer will find the minerals but also use them regularly.

Locate travel routes that are used regularly and have some cover nearby.

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Trails through thick woods or brush are good starting points. If you find a good trail near a water source, this might be a prime location for licks mineral lick. Dig a shallow hole and loosen the soil before adding your minerals.

Mix the minerals and dirt for in the depression, and then add a little molasses for a sweetener.