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Some people see things that others cannot.

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Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Calcutta, Lord Of Nerves.


I cream pie orgy 12 born in a North Calcutta hospital in the heart of an Indian midnight just before the beginning of the monsoon season. The air hung heavy as wet velvet over the Hooghly River, offshoot of the holy Ganga, and the stumps of banyan trees on the Upper Chitpur Road were flecked with dots of phosphorus like the ghosts of flames. I was as dark as the new moon in poppy sky, and I cried very little.

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My mother died in labor, and later that night the hospital burned to the ground. I have no reason to connect the two incidents; then again, I have no reason not nude.

Perhaps a desire to live burned on in my mother's heart. Perhaps the flames were fanned by her hatred for me, the brite mewling infant that had killed her. A nurse carried me out of the roaring husk of nude building and laid me in my father's arms.

He cradled me, numb with grief.