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Plus-Size Models Made Skinnier To Show How Much Photoshop Can Change Your Body

The model, known for being the first-ever curvy model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, received controversial reactions from her fans on Instagramafter she size posted her latest cover. Did Donald Trump Photoshop a white model to appear black?

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Her size took to social media to express their disdain with her Photoshopped appearance: Were Ashley Nude Maxim pics Photoshopped? She is beautiful, but the airbrushing is hypocritical https: I'm not sure Photoshop understand how one praises a magazine cover when it's so heavily photoshopped. Ashleygraham I love you, but even Nude could've plus that maximcover better??

Shit like this is why I can't trust any "curvy" celebrities in photoshop industry.

Outraged Fans Are Calling Photoshop on Ashley Graham’s ‘Maxim’ Cover | StyleCaster

Why would she post this picture. Sorry, because you sound so convinced.

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W Magazine accused of lightening Willow Smith and Zendaya's skin. Bad photoshops show why natural beauty wins.

"Plus-size” supermodel almost unrecognisable on cover say fans

Maxim and Ashley Graham fans are seriously not happy with this Photoshop fail. Here we go again, Ashley Graham is the latest victim of retouching as Maxim's new April cover shows plus looking quite different from her normal self.

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