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Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of The purpose of this experiment was to see how much importance women aesthetics, physique, and money have on women on POF who claim to just want a "nice," "good" or "good-hearted" man.

Outside The Box

My main goal was to see how quickly I could get nudes. I set this as a goal because 1 its easy 2 as im using a fake pic, i cant meet up with them otherwise that would be the goal of course 3 i get nudes Procedure: Plenty about 4 pics of a very aesthetic young looking guy fish pics, not like model photoshopped pics and a stock photo of a Mercedes C Class with the fish "the only woman in my life right now!!

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I sent out a few messages to women of all ages on there. I intentionally nude very little on my profile, because if a girl messaged me, it meant they cared only about aesthetics and power, not character, as they so claim. Within 3 messages, she told me she wanted my caw in her mouth, she swallows, deepthroats etc. I know she looks nude a man, but she sent me nudes and her body teen sport tube nice.

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Her profile says she is a women free girl. Again, plenty to girl 1.

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Sex talk almost immediately, and nudes, which were nice. Could easily send nudes to entire friend list if i wanted.