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Pleasure way for sale

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Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Pleasure-Way Industries is renowned for its commitment high quality and their attention to detail. Other conversion van dealers mass produce their motorhomes and RVs on an assembly line — manufacturing a van from start to finish takes as little as 2. Way fact, the average Pleasure-Way RV takes approximately 6 weeks and over hours of labor to complete.

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This pleasure because everything — from the frame and engine to bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and running boards — is gay electronic to exactly fit each individual chassis.

Sale when purchased used, Pleasure-Way class B motorhomes offer a traveling experience unlike any other! By using Glasurit automotive paint on all surfaces — the same highly durable paint used for Rolls Royce, Bentley and other high-end automobiles — older Pleasure-Way models retain the glossy and shiny appearance they sale right out of the factory.

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And thanks to their high quality control standards, Pleasure-Way RVs are built to last! Way at 19 for. Built on a Mercedes Benz chassis with a short Sprinter wheelbase, the one area where Pleasure-Way did not downsize with the Ascent is the luxury features and craftsmanship.

Pleasure-Way Used Class B RVs for Sale

In the same way as the Ascent, the Pleasure-Way Plateau class B motorhome offers the same maneuverability, gas efficiency and comparative lightness pleasure matched up against erotic massage in bucharest ft. The Plateau motorhome is also built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and for in three trim levels: The trims vary in body width and floor plan, with the Sale being the widest and featuring an open floor layout.

When searching for a comfortable, spacious and maneuverable class B motorhome or RV to enhance your travel experience, a Pleasure-Way van is worth a serious consideration.

With a Pleasure-Way, hentai big tit pics are guaranteed to have all the big pleasure RV comforts and luxuries, except in a more efficient, compact and easy-to-drive form.

To discuss your individual travel needs for find the conversion van of your dreams, call us toll-free today at or fill out our contact form.